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Political Corruption and Reform

Yes, I stood up before an audience of reformers and said that "campaign financial reform" is a fraud and a failure.
"Undoing Reform: Personal PAC v. State Board of Elections"
Ethics & Reform Symposium on Illinois Government, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, 9/28/2012.

How Some Wealthy, Powerful Lawyers Hosed their Poverty-level Clients
"Did Corboy & Demetrio Blow It?"
Chicago Reader, 12/4/08

Political reform in Illinois? That's a laugh.
"Reform in Name Only"
Chicago Daily Observer, 5/5/09

Illinois really is more corrupt than other states—here's proof.
"Illinois Really Is More Corrupt"
Chicago Sun-Times, "Controversy," March 11, 2007

And Chicago really is more corrupt than other cities—here's how.
"Latest Scandals Hardly a Shock to City's System"
Chicago Sun-Times
, "Commentary," Aug. 19, 2005

But is it legitimate to convict politicians of "honest services" fraud?
"Did Gov. Ryan Cost Us a Dime?"
Chicago Sun-Times, "Controversy," Feb. 19, 2006

Even before Governor Blagojevich, we had governors Ryan, Walker, Small . . . ah, the memories. . .
"3 Governors Found Guilty—3 Claims of Political Prosecutions"
Chicago Sun-Times, "Commentary," Sept. 11, 2006

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I am not a lawyer or a judge. I do not know what constitutes legal malpractice. But I know when I see little people getting screwed by big people. Read about the case of Pinnick v. Corboy.
Melissa Pinnick with her children Cortland and Manna
Melissa Pinnick and her children Cortland and Manna

Contributions to a fund for the Pinnick family may be made to:

Melissa Pinnick Children's Fund
c/o 1st National Bank of La Grange
P.O. Box 190
La Grange, IL 60525-9635


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